global rescuing animal donation association 2020

we are helping the global animals around the world in anytime everywhere, if you can help us some too and support us financially then welcome send us supporting $ in anytime by wechat pay or alipay or paypal or international bank remittance ,our headquarter is in London UK and near high street station or nearby holiday Inn UK london.

send us helping $ by paypal mail : [email protected]

wechat pay id : andyhojapan (after you add our wechat then we can add you back then you can send us chinese money / rmb directly by it)

alipay or international bank remittance : if you choose these 2 methods to send us donation $ then notify us by this mail and we will send our alipay ID or alipay qr code or bank account details to you directly and after you send us then just take a photo and send us the receipt to us by this mail that is ok.

our contact mail : [email protected]





global rescuing animal donation association 2020